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Puppies and Flowers

Gallery Hours: Fridays 12 ­-3 PM I Saturday and Sunday 12 -6 PM I Or by appointment

400 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211


The Royal is pleased to present, Puppies and Flowers a group exhibition curated by Katie

Hector which features the work of Jenn Dierdorf, Dominique Fung, Delphine Hennelly,

Katarina Janeckova, Tess Michalik, Aliza Morell, and Mark Zubrovich. This collection of

paintings reimagines historically "domestic" subjects in order to reveal a contemporary

unvarnished reality.

Depictions of household pets and sumptuous flower arrangements conjure a sense of comfort,

nostalgia, and serenity emblematic of a leisure class lifestyle. However, artists throughout the

history of painting have utilized these seemingly docile subjects in order to address the

complexities of human existence. For example in the hands of Frida Kahlo, René Magritte,

Francisco Goya, Georgia O’Keeffe, Adriaen van Utrecht, and many others flowers and

domesticated animals transformed into allegories which spoke to the atrocities of war, gender

dynamics, socio­political climates, and the omnipresence of death.

In dialogue with this historical convention the artists included in Puppies and Flowers interpret

the world around them through shared motifs. The work collectively deciphers elements of

longing, sexuality, and gender as each artist imbues their subject with personal narratives and

ambiguous symbolism. Projections of alternate realities take form as anthropomorphized

canines coax feelings of desire, neon flowers glow within the void of a blacken canvas, and

porcelain vases struggle to contain feral bouquets. The portrayal of puppies and flowers lend

their subversive beauty to the exhibition and persuade the viewer to reconsider the thorny

histories which have forged contemporary aesthetics.



Wedenesday, October 10th, 6 - 9pm

Please come and join me! I have a new body of works on paper up for sale.


freshly cut and softly bound

june 17 - 30 | 2018
24a orchard street, lower east side, ny


19–22 April 2018


Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal
2020 William Street
Montreal, QC H3J 1R8

The Creek Flows Into the River: New Work from the Hudson River Valley

Walnut Hill Gallery
551 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Opening Memorial Day, May 26, 2018 on view through XX/XX/2018

Curated by Richard Saja