Stop Animation Craze

Alicia, Stuart and I had a fun-filled afternoon of photography and image making. A full video of stop animated fun will be on the way. Its just going to be a wild dance of moving colors. Collaboration with friends always makes for excitement.

Placing still images into a time based sequence produces moving pictures. This animation of photographs is what we call "stop animation", not complicated. This was the first form of video and Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers first animated pictures with Kinetiscopes and other handheld media. It's not exactly a new technology but it is fairly easy to understand and manipulate. There are a lot of cool, streamlined programs out there that make the process super accessible to everyone. Video generally runs at twenty-four frames per second, so you just have to remember this when placing the images together. You will need 1,440 images to produce one minute of animation. A minute doesn't seem like a whole lot of time, but really it is. And making video with actual stills produces far greater resolution than any video because it is a photograph taken with a full sensor. Pretty cool. Stuart constantly teaches me new things.