work in process


I want this blog to supplement the formal gallery of my work. This can be a place for me to hang my thoughts, works that are in progress, and share some news.

Below I've listed a few images of some paintings that I just started.

These images are trying to get at something that is internal. I've been thinking about the broad concept of energies, things that are both internal and external that affect us in many different ways. Sometimes things arise and knock us off of our balance and make it difficult to focus on the tasks that are at hand. Sometimes things are beyond our control and often times they have a very negative or positive effect on aspects of our lives. Energies that suck the joy out of efforts or make it difficult to continue, triggers that block our thoughts and plunge us into darkness. Or the invisible energies life, forces that exist independent of ourselves and the actions of others. How do we find balance in our lives? In order to maintain balance there has to be an elasticity and a rigidity to shift and absorb as well as block and deflect.

These paintings are 8" x 9"